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Travel with a pet without Travail

Holidays approach and pets must go off to the vet for jabs, or to the kennel for families to get away for a break.

Safe travel depends on your having control of the whereabouts of the pet in the family car.. While little guys may be out of sight in a cardboard box, they are only secure until they claw or gnaw their way to freedom. Invest in a carrier that assures they will arrive at your destination. If you can't obtain a carrier, drill air holes in a plastic toy box. Put paper or litter in the bottom, and off you go..

Be sure the carrier is in a good spot for ventilation in your car, and absolutely not in the sun.

If you have a large or medium sized dog, have a safe collar or harnass fitted on your pet. Clip on a fabric lead. Tie a looped knot in the lead and hold the knot outside the car rear door when you shut it. This will restrict Bonzo's movement so he can't leap onto your lap while you are driving, or eat Fifi, who should be likewise secured at a respectable distance from Bonzo.

Make sure your collar is on dead link so the pet can't choke himself. Slip chains may not be used in the slip position for this purpose. They are too dangerous.

Travel at a quiet time of day, because you will be distracted.

Please don't set off with a loose cat in the car!

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