Pet Stress Management

Be careful not to pass your stress on to your pet when you take her off to the Vet or the Kennel. Approach the expedition in a happy, relaxed manner as though you were taking her for a walk at the pet park. Put on the harnass or collar and lead and take a few Beano to the car with you, while you chat in a friendly way. Your dog is highly sensitive to your mood, and will accept your word for it that this is going to be fun. Resist the urge to continually stroke and comfort her. If it is at all possible, take the dog to pick the children up from nursery school or school. The pet should be able to walk on a lead without pulling. Allow children to pet her if you can. Start when she is still a pu

Summertime Bugs Bugging your Doggo

Summertime Illness: Bugs and germs grow and multiply faster at summer temperatures than in the wintertime. Consequently our pets get sick more often and more easily. ​ Don't forget to check that your dog is well before you set off for work in the morning and before you go to bed. If you take him for a walk or run you will soon see if he shows untimely tiredness or listlessness. Erlichea is a tick born disease, which presents as a sort of chronic biliary. It is a gradual decrease in energy, and decrease of red blood cells. Treatment is largely successful if it is caught in the first week or so. Don't leave it until the dog finally drops dead. ​ Billiary is quicker. It presents with pale gums

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