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If you want to make a booking for your pet to board at Cadeau, return to the Home page and click the "Book Now" button to complete a booking form. You may also phone or e-mail us. The best time to contact me is in the mornings on 083 408 7055 or 011 318 2403. You can leave a message if I'm not available, or SMS and I will return your call.


Alternatively email Nancy or Contact us via the contact page on this site.


General Conditions:
Dogs and cats coming to board need to have their immunizations up to date. Your own veterinarian is the best person to tell you what they need before they go into a kennel, but remember if you choose not to immunize against Kennel Cough, it can be an expensive and tedious condition to treat.

We prefer pets to come in without luggage. Pets are frequently moved from one kennel to another, and it is very difficult to keep track of all the squeaky toys and little baby blankets of a hundred or more pets. However if you feel the survival of your pet will be threatened if he is deprived of his luggage, we accept it on the clear understanding that it may be lost or mislaid. People returning from holiday before you may claim your pet’s basket, and swear blind it belongs to them. Please mark every article you bring in indelibly with the pet's name and surname.

On arrival at Cadeau, please ring the bell at the door, and the staff will come to your car and help to take your pets through. We have the necessary dog leads. Please inform us if the dogs may not be dipped. If they have just had a treatment like Frontline, Topspot, Advantix, please say so before the dogs get to the flea and tick dip.

Cats should preferably be brought in a box or basket. If your cat jumps out of the car when you do, you may well never see it again. Please use one of our cat boxes to convey your pet from the car into the kennel. Ask for one at the door.

You will be required to complete a booking form upon arrival. We need to know the name and phone number of the owner, or contact person, collection date, and details of the pet, such as age, normal diet, health and behavioral problems. 

Special care requirements:
If pets are on medication, we need to know the names of the medications and what they are for. If they suffer from a medical condition, even if you are not treating it, we need to know what disease they suffer from. For instance, you may be aware that your dog has cancer, or a weak heart. Please let us know so that we can discuss your options if the disease takes a turn for the worse during the stay.

“Nancy is a friend to all four legged folk. You will not find a better carer for your pet!"  ​

Liz Dewsberry


“I have known Nancy and been a regular visitor to Cadeau for many year. I trust Nancy with my animals like a member of my family."  ​

Maren Von Der Heyde


Companion boarding and single accommodation is available. Most of the runs are suitable for one  to three cat, but Cats are only companion boarded if they prefer it. They nearly all prefer to be in the large family cages which have tree stumps to climb and several sleeping huts to choose from.

Cats are not territorial in the kennel environment, and therefore have no need to fight. In 25 years we have never had a cat fight in the cattery. The longer cats share a pen, the better they get along. Entire cats are boarded singly unless they are young kittens.


Pens are supplied with sleeping huts and bedding, and with sand-trays, food and water. A specially formulated cat sand is used that is disinfected.

Meal times and dietary requirements

Cats are fed mainly Royal Canin Fit 32 Outdoor cat pellets. Iams and Hills are also used, but so far the cats vote for the Fit 32. Some cats will only eat roast chicken, and that is what they get. We try to avoid fish, since it contains too much salt for the cats to deal with. We try to provide plates of two different foods for each cat cage.



Cats are not dipped against fleas or ticks at the kennel. We ask owners to apply spot-on or a similar product before bringing the cat to the kennel. If the cat is found to have fleas on admission, it will be treated here at the owner's expense.


Monday to Friday 

9am to 12am & 4pm to 5pm 

9am to 10am & 4pm to 4:30pm

Sunday & Public holidays
9am to 9.30am & 4pm to 4:30 pm





Nancy: 083 408 7055

Isobel: 072 546 2059

House: 011 318 2403


22 Summit Road
Blue Hills

GPS: 25°55'47.2"S 28°04'39.5"E
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