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Summertime Bugs Bugging your Doggo

Summertime Illness:

Bugs and germs grow and multiply faster at summer temperatures than in the wintertime. Consequently our pets get sick more often and more easily.

Don't forget to check that your dog is well before you set off for work in the morning and before you go to bed. If you take him for a walk or run you will soon see if he shows untimely tiredness or listlessness. Erlichea is a tick born disease, which presents as a sort of chronic biliary. It is a gradual decrease in energy, and decrease of red blood cells. Treatment is largely successful if it is caught in the first week or so. Don't leave it until the dog finally drops dead.

Billiary is quicker. It presents with pale gums, listlessness, loss of appetite, bright yellow/orange urine and death. Run to the vet when you see this.

Runny Tummies are common in summertime. Hopefully your dog has had several immunizations so parvovirus is unlikely. If you see hemorrhagic diarrhoea, that is blood in the stool, you must fix it. Your dog may just have a loose tummy from eating too much sour milk, or meat, or beetroot, and that's fine. The dog will not look sick. If he is developing holes in the intestine, and blood is in the digestive tract, then the contents of the intestine can get out and into the system, and cause problems. So, if the diarrhoea is mild, feed him home made thick custard or oats porrige. Something not granular and highly digestible. The tummy should settle in an hour or three. If the dog looks sick, you need help from your vet.

Remember stress can result in diarrhoea, even hemorrhagic diarrhoea. Stress may be fun for the dog, like going to training class, or going for a motor car trip. It may be a difficult experience for the dog, like going to the vet, or having a burglar beat it up. The stressed dog needs to be in a very secure environment for a day or two. It often needs to be right with you, in the same room, getting lots of pats and t.l.c.

December 2020 Update:

Now that i'ts full summer, biliary is rife. Please make sure your dog is covered by an effective parasite control

Treatment.: If the dog gets biliary it needs urgent veterinary attention. Fast pulse, lack of appetite, fast breathing tiredness, high temperature, unwillingness to run, and wobbly movement are all something that tells you biliary has arrived. Be on your guard.

LOOK OUT FOR the uncommon biliary sometimes called RED BILIARY: Gums are a bright red. Dog gets very sick very quickly. Fast breathing, absolutely no appetite, dog very distressed. RUN FOR HELP. You have a couple of hours before it's too late.

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