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 Times when Patrons should Collect or Deliver their pets:

To kennel your pet during 2013 to 2014

Monday to Friday: 9 to 12 am and 4 to 5 pm for Collection & Delivery

Saturdays: 9 to 10.30 am for Collection & Delivery

Sundays & Public Holidays: 9 to 9.30 am & 4 to 4.30 pm.

Christmas Day and New Year's Day Cadeau is Completely and entirely Closed to Customers. No collections or Deliveries take place on the 25th December or the 1st of January. There is no Office Staff, and I am busy outside.



*Olek of Cadeau Kkl1 V ad BH a+ Over medium sized,medium strong male of a good type and with good body proportions. Good head and expression. The wither could be more pronounced, straight back, good length and lay of the croup. Good fore- and very good hind angulation. The fore-chest should be more developed. Correct in front, correct coming and going. Exhibits a fluent gait in which the topline should be better maintained. Firm character. Drive, self-assurance and stress tolerance (TSB) pronounced; dog does not release.

 Edo of CadeauKkl1 (For Life) A+ ad BH V(NBS)"Gross, sehr maskulin, sehr ausdrucksvoll, Widerrist sollte betonter sein, fester Rücken, gut gelagerte Kruppe die etwas länger   dürfte sein,  sehr gute Winkelungen, Front und Schrittfolge gerade, geräumige kraftvolle Gänge." Critique at National Show 2009 by Judge H.Setzer SV judge.      


From *Anya of Cadeau

Meute of Cadeau Kkl 1 V(NBS) a+ Large, substantial, well proportioned male of good type. Very strong head, good wither,firm back. Croup slightly short and slightly steep. Good underline, very good fore-and hind anagulations. Correct in stance. Correct coming, slightly narrow going. Very good side gait, good forward reach. Drive self-assurance and stress tolerance pronounced. Dog does not release.

From Nettle of Cadeau


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Dam Name Sire Name Date Due Arrived Pups Sold Out Images
detail Arizona vd Weidenstrasse *Olf vd Datze Kkl 1 VA(NBS) 5/23/2012 Yes 8 Yes Images
detail Questa von der Weidenstrasse * Merlin von Haus Dexel VA1 SA 11/3/2012 Yes 6 Yes Images
detail Nova of Cadeau *Kubla Kahn of Cadeau 1/17/2011 Yes 6 Yes Images
detail *Xangria of Cadeau Kkl 1 BH ad a+ *Olek of Cadeau BH ad a+ 10/20/2013 Yes 6 No
detail *Anya of Cadeau BH ad a+ *Olek of Cadeau BH ad a+ 10/3/2013 Yes 4 Yes
detail *Dale of Cadeau Kkl1 V a+ Lexus von Bierstadter Hof V a+ 10/13/2013 Yes 2 Yes
detail Zenka of Cadeau V ad a+ *Mintai von Grehenheim Kkl 1 V(NBS) 8/22/2013 Yes 9 Yes
detail Letaba of Cadeau V a+ Lexus v Bierstadter Hof a+ 9/5/2013 Yes 7 Yes
detail *Jhirah von der Weidenstrasse *Olf von der Datze VA(SA) 7/20/2012 Yes 7 Yes
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